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We feature great quality Karaoke every night of the week: 7PM – 1:45AM


“The best place for karaoke” is not just a phrase we made up to make it sound good.
This is something our customers say boldly and we take pride in that.

We’re not just talking any old, run-of-the-mill Karaoke either. Park Center Lounge Karaoke is a local favorite. We feature over 50,000 song versions that you may preview before singing. You get to sing on high quality microphones and a professional surround sound system surround with mixing/effects. In between singers, the DJ will be happy to play your favorite dance music so you can get down and boogie. Park Center Lounge offers a unique Karaoke experience because of the quality of the sound and the skill level of many of the singers.



Park Center Lounge Karaoke is fun!
Call up some friends, then come on down and see what it’s all about!

Everything is digital – no books, no sign up slips, and no difficulty for the singers make it all so easy. All you have to do is tell your name to the DJ and tell him the song when Karaoke at Park Center Lounge will make your outing exciting and fun for all. Whether you want to improve your skills, watch a friend embarrass themselves, or just plain rock the house. There is no doubt that you’ll want to do it at Park Center Lounge, the best karaoke experience you will ever have in Denver, Colorado. Singers can browse through a computer to find songs and even listen to the song before they sing. In addition, the singers list is presented on a big screen, so you can see when it’s almost your turn.

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